DX7 V - Tips and Tricks

Check out some DX7 V tips and tricks.


 Shortcut  Description

 Copy (Overview)

copy overview  Duplicates all the operator parameters 
Copy (Envelope)

copy envelope Duplicates the envelope parameters only

Move point + offset all other points

 Shift + Drag point  All points on the right of the point dragged will be offset.

For the owners of the DX7 MKI, we implemented the possibility to import Sysex files from their beloved original synth.

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To do that, it's very simple:

    • Open on the DX7 Menu
    • Click on import
    • Then simply browse it on your computer hard drive and double click on the Sysex file to import it.

dx7 import
Once it's done, a new bank called "bankname"_systex will be created. To reach this preset, open the preset browser click on this bank.

Note: Only the DX7 MKI sysex are supported.

For the DX7 lovers & owners, we tried to provide the closest playing feel as possible. To make it even closer than the original DX7, the DX7 V offers the possibility to set the velocity reange to 0 to 100 instead of 0 to 127.

To do that, set the velocity to DX7 instead of Full.

dx7 velocity mode

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.