V Collection 6.1 - NKS Compatibility

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Dear Customers.

Since the release of the V Collection 6.1 update, every V Collection 6 single instrument* is now fully compliant with the Native Kontrol Standard protocol. 

The virtual instruments parameters are now pre-mapped to your Kontrol’s interface, giving you instant and effective control to the 20 included individual instruments.

To access the update, open your Arturia Software Center or head to the VC6 resources page.

Best regards

The Arturia team
If the plugins are not detected in Maschine / Komplete Kontrol browser, please check this article:

Maschine 2 Browser Is Empty or Incomplete

Note: Being a preset browser itself, Analog Lab 3 is not NKS compatible.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.