KeyLab Essential - General Questions

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Do you have questions about Keylab Essential? You will likely find an answer here.

The MCU & HUI are communication protocols.
This allows a DAW and a controller to exchange MIDI information.
The protocols are very convenient to use your controller as your DAW control surface.
(More info on the manual p.10.)
An article will soon be available to help you setup your DAW to work with the Keylab Essential MCU/HUI mode.

kle fader

Both TR & TRS pedal are compatible.

However, if you are using a TRS pedal, it will act as a TR pedal (ON/OFF) and not as a continuous pedal.

Analog Lab 2: First, make sure you are using the correct Keylab memory. (N°1: Analog Lab)

In Analog Lab Audio Settings (Standalone) > MIDI Devices or in your DAW MIDI preferences, you will find two Keylab Essential MIDI ports.
  • Arturia Keylab Essential Midi In / Midi Out: Used for the standard Midi communication
  • Arturia Keylab Essential MIDI IN2 / MIDI OUT2: Used for the MCU/HUI protocols communication
If this issue is faced, please try to turn the MCU/HUI MIDI port off.

Individual instruments: Available in the forthcoming individual instruments updates.

kle screen browser
The chord mode can contain chords of up to 10 notes.

chord mode
The Map Select allows you to easily swap between your Keylab Essential memories.
In this mode, the selected memory is highlighted.
If you press another pad, it immediately loads this memory and all the associated parameters.

map select
/!\ In this mode, the functions associated to the pads are not available.
You have to exit the Map Select mode them.
The Keylab Essential is absolutely compatible with the iPads.
However, to power the Keylab essential, you will have to use a power supply.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.