KeyStep - Shift functions

 Combination Function    
Shift + Key (1 to 16) Select user channel and reset Kbd Play Midi channel
Shift + Key (17 to 21) Select a global gate value
Shift + Key (22 to 32) Select a swing value
Shift + Oct Minus Enter Transpose mode
Shift + Oct Plus Enter Kbd Play mode
Shift + Oct Plus + Key Selects Midi channel for Kbd play mode
Shift + HOLD Enter/Exit chord mode
Shift + HOLD + Keys Enter new notes for the chord mode (Hold button blinks quickly)
Shift + REC Enter Record-append mode
Shift + STOP Clear last step of the sequence (only in Seq mode)
Shift + Play Restart the playback to the first step of the Seq/Arp
Shift + Encoder Update the encoder position when the Shift button is released
Octave Up + Octave Down Reset Factory (Hold the two buttons while powering up the unit)
New in
New Shift + Octave Up + Octave Down Reset sequence content
New Record + 16 first keys Set the sequence length
New [ARP] Shift + Octave buttons Add or remove octaves in the arpeggio
New Shift + Rate Tempo fine-tune