Filter M12 - General Questions

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Do you have questions about the Filter M12 ? You will likely find an answer here.

The Pan moves the signal processed by the filter (wet signal) to a side or another.
At the same time, it moves unaffected signal (dry) to the opposite side.
Set the pan to the left will let you hear the processed signal on the left side, and the dry signal to the right side.

m12 filter default

Note: To avoid any confusion, when the Filter M12 is inserted on a Mono track or Bus, the Pan knob is frozen.

Once assigned to parameters through the modulation matrix, such as an envelope, the functions must be triggered to affect the sound.
When the functions are set to loop, these will restart their cycle when receiving a start message from the DAW.

However, when set to Audio Threshold Trig, the functions are triggered by the input signal.
To be triggered, the input signal must reach the “Audio Threshold”.
The Audio Threshold is defined in the bottom of the function view, and is per default set to 0 Db.
If your sound doesn't seem to trigger the envelopes, simply lower the threshold until it does.

m12 filter audio threshold trig
Yes! With the filters in series mode, you can overdrive the Filter B by increasing the Filter A output volume.
Don’t forget to reduce the Filter B or main output volume to compensate the volume boost applied on the Filter A output.

m12 filter overdrive filter b serie

Note: You can also drive both filters when the Filter M12 is set to parallel mode, however you will need to increase the volume of the signal before to feed it in the filter, and lower the filter output volume.

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