Mellotron V - General Questions

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The Mellotron V is compatible with the following audio formats:

WAV (Waveform Audio File Format)
AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format)
FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec)


The Track Selector lets you select one of the three Tape Tracks available.
It can be positioned in intermediate positions, allowing for variable mixing between Tape Tracks A/B and B/C.

Additionally, there is an extra position, not available in the original, where all three Tape Tracks play at once.
This is achieved by placing the Track Selector in the All position.

A sample track is a sample player (sample slot).
A track row is divided in 96 chromatic semitones, where you can spread up to eight sample into regions, depending on which samples you are using.
The factory tapes regions must be positioned according to the original design, however, the custom samples can be freely shifted across the whole range 96st range.

Per track, you can put up to:
• 2 Factory samples (original tapes)
• 8 User samples
• Or 2 factory samples + 6 user samples combined
Click on the Edit button opens the selected track Sample Editing page.
In this page, the 96 semitones row can be seen in the bottom of the page, showing the samples and their regions contained in that track.
To add an additional sample, simply double click on the row.

The sample edition part is located on the upper part. This view lets you edit your sample settings, such as the tuning, gain, start/end points, loop mode, stretch, and so on...
On the above picture, two samples are loaded, one the lower part of the keyboard, and one on the middle part.
This amplitude envelope is "macro", which means it affects all the tracks envelope parameters at the same time.
It is a regular ADSR envelope, but its values are relative to the destination parameters since it adds or subtracts to tracks envelopes. (offset)

Attack: Offsets all the samples envelope Attack values.
Decay: Offsets all the sample envelope Decay values.
Sustain: Offsets all the sample envelope Sustain values.
Release: Offsets all the sample envelope Release values.


Add character by inducing speed fluctuations on the tape playback.

Tape Saturation

Adds magnetic tape saturation.


Simulating the noises that could be created by the machine mechanisms.

Noise Floor

Adds some tape hiss to the playback.

Vel > Volume

Defines how much the volume is controlled by the velocity.

AT > Flutter

Defines how much the flutter is controlled by the aftertouch.(Channel pressure)

The FX page is an insert on the output that lets you add a final polish to your sound with an assortment of high-quality effects, a couple of amplifiers and an additional convolution reverb.
Please see below the wide effects array available in the FX page:











Stereo Pan

Analog Delay


Tape Echo


Rotary Speaker, Twin amp and Convolution Reverb

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