My Microbrute sequencer stopped working, why ?

Mostly after a firmware update, a lot of users are contacting us thinking that their sequencer is broken.

This is due to the fact that the latest Microbrute firmware version resets the synth parameters.

Indeed, one of the sequencer's parameter called
"Step On" is reseted to Gate.
This makes the sequencer to run only when it receives a gate signal to its Gate input.
But, these users mostly want the sequencer to be controlled by the clock and not a gate.

To change this, download and install the Midi Control Center available on this page, in the MicroBrute section.

Once installed, launch it, connect your MicroBrute, and set the "Step On" parameter to "CLK".
This way, the sequencer will run on its own clock and behave as expected.

Step On CLK

At the same time, please make sure that the "Sync" parameter is not set to EXT, otherwise the sequencer will only start when it receives an external clock.