MicroFreak - Tips & Tricks

Here are some MicroFreak Tips and Tricks
These may help you get more out of your instrument:


The MicroFreak sequencer lets you record and save two sequences per preset. (Part A and Part B)
To record your sequence, can use the following methods:

Step Recording


In Stop, press Record to enable the Step Recording.

In this mode:
Touch a key sets the note for the select step.
Release the key moves the focus to the next step.
The Rate encoder lets you select a step.
Modify a parameter value assigns it to a modulation track and defines its value for the selected step.

Real-time Recording


In Play, press Record to enable the Real-Time Recording.

In this mode:
The melodies played are be recorded on the fly.
Touch a control assigns it to a modulation track.
The modulation LED blinks until the motion has been recorded.
The automation record stops when the first recorded step has been reached.

The MIDI Control Center lets you move presets from the MicroFreak to your computer or from your computer to the MicroFreak, and modify the MicroFreak settings. You can either move individual presets or a full project from the MicroFreak to the computer and vice versa.

Send to MicroFreak

Select a Project on the Computer panel and click on Send to MicroFreak.

/!\ This action will overwrite the MicroFreak content. /!\
Don't forget to backup your project on your computer first.

Recall to Computer

On the MicroFreak panel, click on Recall to Computer.

A new project called "Device" will be created on the computer panel.

You can also transfer the presets individually by simply dragging and dropping them for the MicroFreak panel to the computer panel and vice versa.


Assign a Destination

The final three destinations (Assign1, Assign2 and Assign3) can be assigned to the parameter of your choice.

To do that, it's very simple:

- Hold one of the Assign buttons
- Turn one of the MicroFreak controls
- The screen now displays the parameter associated to the destination.

Modulate a Modulation amount

In is also possible to modulate the modulation amounts assigned on the modulation Matrix.

To do that, it's pretty simple as well:

- Hold one of the Assign buttons.
- Turn the Matrix encoder to select your Source x Destination point.
- Release the Assign button

Find listed below, all the MicroFreak shortcuts.

Category Key combination Function
Shift + Preset Encoder When saving or renaming, quick jump from “A” to “a”, or "0 to “.” character ranges
Long press on Save Quick save
Press Preset Encoder three times Reset preset parameters to default
Matrix Encoder Keep depressed for two seconds to reset modulation amount
Assign1 + any knob Assign routing to current Matrix point
Assign2 + any knob Assign routing to current Matrix point
Assign3 + any knob Assign routing to current Matrix point
Seq | Arp
Shift + Arp | Seq Toggle between Arppeggiator and Sequencer
Shift + Note on keyboard Transpose Arpeggio
Shift + Up | A Transfer current Arpeggio to sequencer A
Shift + Order | B Transfer current Arpeggio to sequencer B
Up | A + Hold (hold for 1 second) Clear sequence A
Order | B + Hold (hold for 1 second) Clear sequence B
Oct | Mod + Hold Erase currently selected Seq Mod track
Shift + Key Transpose sequence
Shift + A/B Reload pattern A/B as it was previously saved in the memory
Shift + Rate Set Swing rate
Cycling Envelope
Shift + Rise Set Attack shape of Cycling Envelope
Shift + Fall Set Decay shape of Cycling Envelope

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