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Installation of Bitwig Studio 8-Track

register my instrument
  1. Go to your My Arturia account page to find your serial number. Click on the button "My Products" and display the details about your product by clicking on "More info...". The serial number will appear as part of the Additional Licenses.

  2. Download Bitwig Studio 8-Track from here: www.bitwig.com/8-track

  3. Launch Bitwig Studio 8-Track.

  4. Bitwig will guide you through an authorization process and you will be asked for a serial number. Use the one obtained above.

Setup MicroLab MIDI ports

1. Open the Settings menu and head to the Controllers tab.

2. Click the Add drop-down menu and select your controller.

If your device isn’t listed, please select Generic MIDI Keyboard.


Instanciate Analog Lab in a track

1. In Bitwig browser, open the devices section
2. In the browser, head for the available Arturia instruments.
3. Drag & drop the instrument of your choice in an instrument track.


Register and activate your UVI Grand Piano Model D

register my instrument

1. Download and install UVI Portal.

2. Open UVI Portal and create a UVI account (or login if you already have one).

3. Click on Product Registration.

4. Enter your product serial number and click OK.

5. If you already have an iLok account, click "I already have an iLok account" and proceed to login. Otherwise you can create an iLok account from within the app.

6. After completing the registration, simply click the Install button on the right of the UVI Workstation entry to start the download and installation process.

7. Next, click on Activate, which will open the iLok License Manager. Simlpy drag the displayed license to the computer icon on the left.

8. Click Refresh in the UVI Portal menu – you will now see that your product does not require any other action. Launch it and have fun!

Get started with MicroLab in Analog Lab

1. Install Analog Lab on your computer and make sure to register and activate it.
2. Connect the MicroLab to your computer.
3. If you are using a DAW, make sure you correctly setup the MicroLab MIDI ports.
4. Select the MicroLab in the MIDI Controlle section, at the bottom of Analog Lab interface.
5. Analog Lab 4 will now let you play, filter and browse presets directly from the controller.

Chord mode allows you to program a chord and trigger it by pressing only one key.

Program a chord: Hold Shift and Hold buttons and play a chord, or enter the notes of the chord individually (from 2 to 10 notes).
The notes entered while holding Shift and Hold will be recorded as part of your programmed chord.
The Hold button will blink rapidly to indicate that you are in chord programming mode.

Stop recording your chord: When releasing Shift and Hold, the Hold button will blink slowly to indicate that chord mode is active.
From now, play a single note will trigger your programmed chord.

Exit Chord mode: Press and release Shift and Hold buttons again. The Hold button will stop blinking and the keyboard will return to normal operation.

The MicroLab is compatible and can be powered by iPads and Windows tablets.
To use it with your IOS device, simply use an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

Find below the MicroLab's available shortcuts list.

Key combination Function
Shift + Hold Enable Chord Mode
Shift + Octave - Switch to previous preset (Analog Lab)
Shift + Octave + Switch to next preset (Analog Lab)
Shift + Pitch strip Browse Analog Lab preset Categories
Shift + Modulation strip Browse Analog Lab preset list
Shift + Keys Select MIDI Channel

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