In the MCC, the Sync button has been removed.

If you can't find the Sync button in the Midi Control Center this is normal.

We have removed it for products like as Beatstep Pro, Drumbrute, Minilab MkII, Keylab Essential and MKII as it brought some confusion for some users.

From now, we advise to Create & Save templates, and use the the Store To / Recall from or Drag & Drop to manage them. 

To store parameters or projects into your device:

  • Drag & Drop these templates from the Local Templates / Project Browser to the Device Memories / Projects
  • Or select a Template and a destination memory. Then click Store To.

To backup a device memory:

  • Drag & Drop a Device memory / Project to the Local Template / Project Browser section and name it.
  • Or select a Memory / Project and click Recall From, then name the template.
/!\ Please note that with auto-synced devices such as Matrixbrute, Beatstep Pro, Drumbrute & Keystep, edits made in Device Settings will be automatically sent to your device.