MiniBrute 2S - Tips & Tricks

Check out some MiniBrute 2 S tips and tricks.

Are you lost? Want to start from scratch?
This patch will reset your Minibrute to a simple square wave:

minibrute2 basic patch

(Don't forget to unplug all the patch cables from the patch bay)

Hard Reset: Hold Save + Copy + Paste + Erase > Power up the unit.
/!\ All sequences and parameters will be erased /!\

Shift Shortcuts
: Find below the Shift functions available in all modes.

minibrute 2 shift combinationminibrute 2 shift combination 2
Step Edit Mode: Find below the Shift functions available in Step Recording mode:
(Record button = Red)

minibrute 2 shortcuts step edit mode
Pad playing / Real time Mode: Find below the Shift functions available in Pad playing / Real-Time mode:
(Record button = Blue)

minibrute 2 shortcuts pad playing real time mode

The Metalizer is a wavefolder.
A wavefolder affects a waveform when it goes above a defined threshold.
When going up to this threshold, the wavefolder will reflect the waveform back upon itself, creating interesting & complex harmonics.

The Metalizer allows to process other waveforms or any signal fed into the patchbay's Metal Input. (Metal In)

Once plugged into the Metalizer input, the triangle will be disconnected from it and replaced by the new signal. (The volume of the metalized signal will now be controlled by the Triangle fader.)

If you want, to use it as a modulation signal, connect a cable on the Triangle output, and patch it to the destination of your choice.

minubrute 2 metalize what do you want

Note: You can metalize any cycling voltages sources like for example LFOs.
However a constant voltage won't be affected by the Metalizer.

You can easily create a sidechain effect on your MiniBrute 2 to create a cool pumping effect.
There are several methods to proceed, here are two examples:

Simple Gate Sidechain:

minibrute 2 simple sidechain 2
This method won’t give you control on the attack / decay time of the sidechain effect, but is easy to realise, and doesn’t require dedicating any module to create this effect.

  • Send a gate to the Inverter Input.
  • Send the Inverted signal to the AMP input.
Each gate received will close the amp during the duration of the gate, leaving more room to your bassdrum for example.
Note: You can eventually send the inverted gate to an attenuator and then to the AMP to have control on the amount of the sidechain effect.

Sidechain with Attack & Decay control:

minibrute 2 simple sidechain 2
This method requires more cables and rooting but allows more control on your sidechain:

  • Send a gate to your AD envelope Trig (Green)
  • Plug the AD envelope output to the Inverter Input (Black)
  • Feed the AMP AM with the Inverter Output (White)
Then to open your amplification:

  • Optional: Plug your MIDI Gate output to the ADSR Trig (Purple)
  • Connect the ADSR Out to the AMP Amp Input. (Orange)
In this configuration:

  • The ADSR will open the VCA when a note is played on the MiniBrute.
  • The AD envelope will close the VCA when a Gate is received in the AD Trig input

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.