Minilab MkII - General Questions

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This article gathers answers to your potential questions about Minilab MkII and it's included content.

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Analog Lab Lite gives you access to five hundreds of the best sounds from our award-winning V-Collection

It provides an amazing introduction to all it's iconic instruments, pristinely recreated using Arturia’s exclusive True Analog Emulation® technology.

In case you want to benefit from the full Arturia sound palette, Analog Lab Lite will provide an upgrade path to Analog Lab 3 and it’s 5000 sounds at a very attractive price.

Analog Lab Lite allows to benefit from an advantageous price on Analog Lab and V

You can access the upgrade page through the "Get Full Version" button.

You can find this button in Analog Lab Lite UI:

  • On the toolbar at the bottom of the UI.
  • From Analog Lab Lite dropdown menu.

Once you clicked on the "Buy" button, you will be redirected to the upgrade page on our website.

Analog Lab Full

6040 More Presets

Here are few keystrokes that may be useful to know:


Shift  Displays the memory in use
Shift + PAD  Loads the memory corresponding to the Pad number
Shift + KEYS  Change Midi Channel
Shift + Turn  Use knob's third function  (With encoder 1 & 9 only)

Analog Lab Shortcuts:


Encoder 1 + TURN  Browse Banks / Categories / Playlists
Encoder 1 + PRESS  Select Bank / Category / Playlist
Encoder 9 + TURN  Browse in the Preset list
Encoder 9 + PRESS  Load the selected preset
PAD 9  Select PART 1
PAD 10  Select PART 2
PAD 11  Select Part Live
PAD 14  Clear Filters / Search Bar
PAD 15  Previous Preset
PAD 16  Next Preset

The knobs 1 & 9 have three functions instead of one:

  • Simple Turn
  • Click
  • Shift + Turn

=> Which means that both encoders (1 & 9) can send three different CC each.


Yes, the Minilab MkII is compatible with iPads. Moreover, it can be powered by the iPad itself.

To use it with your IOS device, you will need an Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

The Minilab integration in Analog Lab requires a specific configuration to work properly.
That's why the Memory 1 is not accessible and can't be edited.

To manage configure and edit your Minilab settings, please use the Midi Control Center, available on this page

All the ressources can also be downloaded from this page: Downloads & Manuals

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.