OB-Xa V - Voice Dispersion and Unison Detune

For the release of the V Collection 8.1, changes have been made regarding the Voice Dispersion and the Detune in OB-Xa V.
Voice dispersion introduces subtle to strong inconsistencies between the voice parameters.

This reproduces the behaviors caused by analog components’ tolerance drifting and aging.

The Voice dispersion section is located above the center of the virtual keyboard.

There are 3 factory variations which correspond to a subtle, fair and strong amount of voice dispersion (buttons 1, 2 and 3), but you can also select the Custom button which lets you define the voice dispersion manually from the trimmers on the right of the section.


Each trimmer defines the amount of voice dispersion brought to the given parameter:

Applies dispersion to the...
Pitch of the oscillators
Pulsewidth of the oscillators
Filter cutoff
Filter resonance
Envelope parameters
Voice modulation amounts

Since version 1.2 of the OB-Xa, Detune is applied to voices only when the Unison button is ON.


As a reminder, when Unison is ON, a key press triggers mutliple voices playing the same note with small variations in tuning.

This can be used to create a thicker, denser sounds.

Detune, on the other hand, determines the amount of detuning that will be applied to these voices.

At lower positions slight detuning can add serious girth to the sound, while moving the knob higher will increase the pitch detuning and result in more dissonance.