Piano V - Tutorials

Find below the Piano V tutorial series.

Piano V is a powerful virtual piano studio, containing everything you need to create your perfect piano sound.

Guy Perchard presents a detailed overview of the features and functions within Arturia Piano V, and shows how each section of the software can be tweaked to create your ideal virtual piano.

We had the pleasure to meet Leigh Saunter, multi-instrumentalist and professional producer of 30 years, in his studio. Piano being his go-to instrument when he starts to work on a new track, Leigh found a great solution for all his needs with Piano V, whether for a snappy upright or a mellow grand.

In the fourth and last episode of the Piano V tutorial series, Guy takes you across all the steps to create a cinematic piece where all melodic elements are provided by our fantastic physically-modeled Piano set. Now it is your turn to let your inspiration flow through!

In this video, we take a look at the new features in Piano V 2, and hear the 3 new piano models in action.

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