Piano V2 - General Questions

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You have questions about the Piano V2? You will likely find an answer here..

The Piano V2 includes some great improvements and additions to the previous version, which are the following:

  • 3 new piano models with improved audio engines for all existing models.

new pianoThe Tack Upright                                             The Japanese Grand                                           The Plucked  Grand

  • Improvement on the effects section with:
    • A new equalizerpiano new fx eq comp
    • A compressor
    • A Bypass button on each FX (On/Off)
    • A Dry/wet button on reverb closed interface

      reverb dry wet

  • Microphone new options:
    • Possibility to apply a delay on each microphone
    • Volume link button between Mic 1-2 et Mic 3-4.

piano delay and link mics

  • Possibility to add more points on the velocity curves

    velocity curve

If you play with other musicians, you will sometimes need to detune your Piano V2.
To do that, simply use the Global Tension parameter in the Piano Tuning section and adjust the tuning to you convenience.

piano tuning.

For those who upgrade from the V Collection 5 to the V Collection 6, or from the Piano V1 to the Piano V2, don't worry.

The Piano V2 is a new Piano V version using a brand new improved audio engine. Consequently, the Piano V2 doesn't replace the Piano V1.
Please note that it will be possible to open some Piano V1 presets in the Piano V2, but not the opposite.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.