Pigments - Tutorials

Find below the Pigments tutorial series.

In this simple overview, Guy covers the core aspects of Pigments: our brand-new wavetable virtual analog software synth. Introducing you to the twin synth engines, dual filters, comprehensive effects section, sequencer, and modulation capabilities, this video will help you navigate this new instrument with ease.

Follow Bryan as we dive into the exciting twin-synth engine that forms the basis of Pigments' sound. We'll cover the triple-voice virtual analog engine, as well as the superbly powerful wavetable engine. Learn what every parameter does with useful sound demos, and easily master your new instrument.

Sporting twin filter slots with multiple types available, the filters in Pigments aren't just a way to shape your sound, you can use them in truly creative ways. In this episode, Guy goes over the benefits of each filter, and gives you a few tricks to try out for yourself.

Pigments' unique architecture lets you combine many different effects in almost limitless combinations in send and insert effect racks, all within the synth's interface. Create space, add filth, or transform your patch entirely, while still being able to modulate everything.

An exciting ability found in Pigments' synth engine, the granular abilities of this superb instrument let you totally reimagine any sound, creating entirely new exciting tones from any sample you like.

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