Filter SEM - General Questions

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Do you have questions about the Filter SEM ? You will likely find an answer here.

When using the soft clipping, to bring distortion to your sound, you will need to increase your input gain.
This way, the signal will reach the clipping threshold.
When the signal goes upper than the clipping threshold, the soft clipping LED lights on, and the sound gets coloured by some harmonic distortion and saturation.

sem filter clip on

The Filter SEM offers the possibility to add noise to its input. This can be very interesting to create drums with the filter by itself.
Two options are available to start generating the noise and can be selected from the Noise Trig menu, in the bottom of the user interface.
You can choose to start the noise:

  • When receiving a MIDI start.
  • When the incoming signal reaches the Noise Trig Threshold (-36dB)
sem filter noise trig

If you don't want to hear the noise when your DAW is playing, set the Noise Trig to Threshold.
This way, the noise will be generated only when receiving a sound source above -36 dB.

When the filter mode is set to Band Pass, it is not possible to modulate it, as this mode is fixed and not continuous.
However, when the filter mode is set to any other position, the filter can vary continuously from Low Pass filter to Notch.

sem filter filter mode mod

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.