How to Export a Sound from Analog Laboratory to Analog Lab

1. Open Analog Laboratory
2. Open the preferences
3. Enable the full plug-in concerned by the preset you want to save
4. Restart if necessary
5. Select the Sound preset you need to export
6. Click EDIT
7. Click OPEN
8. In the Full Plug-in, click Save As (New bank for the Modular V, then rename the preset)
9. Close the Full Plug-in, close Analog Laboratory

1. Open Analog Lab
2. Select a Sound of the same synth
3. Click Save As , rename the Sound Name (customize filters if you need to), Click Save
4. Click the EDIT button (the synth image) to open the Full Plug-in
5. Select the preset you previously exported (saved in Analog Laboratory in EXPORT 8.)
6. Close the Full Plug-in window
7. Click Save in Analog Lab