Bug, issue or crash with the V Collection plugin(s) ?

First, please make sure to use the latest plugins versions:

You can check the available updates directly on the Arturia Software Center, by simply connecting on it with your account.
If new versions are available, please update your plugins and check if it resolves your issue.

If the issue persists, please gather the following informations:

  1. How to reproduce the issue ? (In order to understand your problem, a precise procedure is very helpful and saves a lot of time)
  2. The maximum details about your setup:

    • What is your OS ? 
    • DAW & it's version
    • Plug-in version
    • Sample rate
    • Audio Buffer size
  3. A link to a screenshot or video of the issue. (hosted on any cloud/storage website)
  4. If the issue is a crash, the crashlog in a text file will be necessary.

Then, please send us all the useful informations from this form: Ask for help

We will then do our best to get back to you with solutions.