How works sustain pedal on V-Collection-4 synthetizers

This article describes how to use and SET the SUSTAIN PEDAL on some of our plugins.


 1. Engage first sustain switch on the bottom left 
2. Set sustain time fader as you like


On the original Matrix-12 the PEDAL 1 is not set on any paramater.
In order to provide Sustain on Matrix-12 V(Arturia)
1. Click on VCA env (ENV2) release(REL). Most of the time the VCA is mapped on (ENV2)
2. Under the Modulation section, Click MOD SOURCE and Select PEDAL 1.
3. Set SRC 1 on an amount of 63 (MAX).


On the Original Solina there was no sustain pedal.
In order to provide Sustain on Solina (Arturia)
1. Click on the MIDI button in the Tool Bar (Left corner)
2. Click on the sustain lenght fader.
3. Step on your Sustain pedal.

Prophet 5

2 modes
-Release mode = Sustain Pedal will switch on release of the VCA(AMPLIFIER). In order to enable this mode simply switch of RELEASE button and set release time to a noticeable value. Check that your VCF(FILTER) release is set with enough release time in order to ear release of the VCA.
-Legacy "HOLD" sustain mode = This mode is available in the pref view (click on prophet logo). When enable sustain pedal will act as an hold switch

Prophet VS

1. Under MODULATION Panel select ENVELOPES
2. Drag the Number 4 point (Release time) on the Left for both AMPLIFIER and FILTER ENVELOPES
3. Press the pedal and drag the Number 4 point (Release time) on the maximum right.


Original Vox didn't have any sustain pedal. No sustain pedal feature had been added