MiniFilter V - General Questions

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Do you have questions about the Mini-Filter? You will likely find an answer here.

  • If you can't log into your freshly created account this is probably because you have not yet activated your account. Once you created your account, an activation email was sent. In this email you have to click the activation link to activate your account. If the email is missing, please check your SPAM folder.
  • You may have blocked your account by typing the wrong password several times.
  • In the Arturia software center, if you forgot to activate your account, the error message displayed will be "wrong email or password". If you see this message, please check your email Inbox to activate your account.

If you don't see your MiniFilter V license in the Arturia Software Center, you may have not successfully received your license..

You should have been redirected to the MiniFilter V download page after clicking on the "Get Your Gift" button from the landing page.
If that's not the case, please go back to the landing page, click on the "Get Your Gift" button and make sure the download page has been loaded correctly. 
Your license will only be created on your account once you're on the MiniFilter V download page.

If you're still not able to see your MiniFilter V license in the Arturia Software Center, please contact our support team using the form available at this address: 

Then select the category "Sales" in the first drop-down list.

  • In the Start Menu > Arturia > Arturia Software Center
  • On windows 32-bit: "\Program Files\Arturia\Arturia Software Center"
  • On windows 64-bit: "\Program Files (x86)\Arturia\Arturia Software Center"
Mac OSX / Mac OS:
  • In Applications/Arturia

You’ll have to relaunch the installer file and select the correct plugin extension. Don't forget to keep the same installation folder in order to avoid duplicating contents on your hard drive.

Yes this is normal, the MiniFilter V is an effect.
It's to be used like any other effect like Reverb or a Delay for example.