Spark MIDI Connections

Using Spark MIDI Connections inside of your DAW

To connect Spark Controller with Spark software you need to disable both Spark In and Out in your DAW's preferences.

When open Spark as a Plugin inside of your DAW, this message can appears:

Warning message

To turn off Spark MIDI connections into your DAW.


  • Click on "Live" menu / select preferences
  • Make sure the "Input" and "Output" SparkLE is well "OFF"
Ableton - Spark MIDI


Select the Device Menu / Device setup
Cubase - Spark MIDI 1

Then go to MIDI/MIDI port Setup and make sure the MIDI IN 'All MIDI' is well inactive

Cubase - Spark MIDI 2


Go To Setup / MIDI / Input devices..
Pro Tools - Spark - Midi  1

Make sure SparkLe is not tick (inactive) Pro Tools - Spark - Midi 2


Click on Reaper menu / preferences...
Then under MIDI devices make sure "Arturia - SparkLe" is "<disabled>"
Reaper - Spark Midi