VC5 Preset Updater - General Questions

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Everything you need to know about the Preset Converter should be here and on the Preset Converter disclaimer.
No, the Preset Updater will just copy and update your old presets into the new format, there will be no changes in your previous versions.
Here is the list of synthetizers :
  1. Modular V
  2. CS-80V
  3. Mini V
  4. ARP 2600V
  5. Prophet-V
  6. Jupiter-8V
  7. Oberheim®
  8. Wurlitzer
  9. Vox
  10. Solina
  11. Matrix 12
Important note : This application doesn't convert :
  1. Analog Lab presets to new presets for Analag Lab 2
  2. eLicenser protected presets
  3. Exported presets or banks, only the saved ones
Absolutely, will be displayed a list with the Banks and their respective Presets.
Check the whole bank will convert all the contained presets.
But you can also simply check few presets separately and convert them.
As you may have noticed, only the user presets are displayed and available to convert.
If you want to convert one of your favorite factory preset, you will have to save it as a user preset first.
To do that, use the "Save as" button on the plugin.
Once saved, it will be displayed in the list and available to be converted.
Here is the path where you can find the new VC4 Update / VC5 presets :

  1. OSX: /Library/Arturia/Presets
  2. WIN: C:\ProgramData\Arturia\Presets

Your updated plugins will automatically detect the converted presets. These will be available in the plugin's Preset Browser under their respective Banks
In the new plugins versions, the presets name are submitted to some restrictions.

The presets names can't contain special characters
The presets name max length is 21 characters, and banks name max length is 16 characters.

So if a preset or bank is converted with these exceptions, the name previously set may be cropped / broken

If you want to change the preset name;
You still can edit presets or banks name, directly in your VC5 instrument preset browser.

Please refer to the "The Preset Info section" of your favorite manual.
Of course not. You will still be able to use the original preset as soon as you kept installed the former version of the plugin.

To download the preset updater, simply follow this link: Preset Updater