V-Collection-5 - General Questions

I just installed the VC5 Versions of plugins, what should I do with the first versions?

With the NEW V-Collection 5, The choice have been made to NOT remove the First versions of plugins and keep the older versions onto you computer.
In this way, you keep your projects and presets safe.

Why didn’t you include Spark in V Collection 5?

The keyboard recreations in the V Collection and Spark are different animals. We realized that we should give the V Collection a streamline definition so the proposition is clearer. Spark is a wonderful drum solution and will have a fate of its own.

Why Am I paying to update the software instruments I own?

This is indeed the first time Arturia is asking users to pay in order to update their instruments. We have made this decision considering the important evolutions we are bringing, the big investment it has been for us and the value these updates brings to the users.

Can I use the patches I have created in the previous versions of the instruments with the new versions, and will they sound exactly the same ?

Basically, these are not compatible.
Yet, we have started to develop a Preset Updater that will allow you convert your favorite presets from the former plugins version and make them compatible with the new plugins framework.
As we have made improvements to some audio engines, you might notice a very little difference on some patches.
As mentioned in the first question, you will still be able to use your previous version of the instruments if you need to, as the new versions won't replace the old ones.