What is new in V Collection 6

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You want to know what's new in V Collection 6?

V Collection 5

V Collection 6
 Buchla Easel V

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 Clavinet V

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 DX7 V

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Analog Lab

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Piano V  V.2 NEW
Synclavier V
Stage-73 V
Farfisa V
Analog Lab
Mini V
Jupiter-8 V
ARP 2600 V
Prophet V
Modular V
CS-80 V
Wurli V
VOX Continental V
Matrix-12 V
Solina V

Additional Improvements

V Collection 6 not only includes new instruments, but features major updates to the other included instruments. That equates to a complete collection of 21 vastly different yet powerful tools to craft your next audible masterpiece.

Piano V 2

The new Piano V2 has 3 new models, a useful built-in compressor, an advanced stereo delay, and more bands in the EQ to make it an even more usable and natural sounding piano instrument.

Analog Lab 3

We collaborated with professional ergonomists and got opinions from real users to improve the GUI and preset browser. Analog Lab 3 includes the new instruments with presets from Buchla Easel V, DX7 V, Clavinet V and improved the management of “multis” for a much easier and quicker experience.


New and improved, the Solina V2, Vox V2 and Wurli V2 now have an attractive high quality 5K graphical user interface. Sounds good, looks good. Start making music.

Stability improvements

More in-depth testing of the instruments and the development of technology has allowed us to make the instruments even more solid than ever before.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.