Vocoder V - General Questions

The Vocoder V needs two distinct signals to produce sound:

- An audio source

From the sample player:

or from a live signal (voice input):

If you would like to route any audio signal in the Vocoder, please refer to the in-app tutorial, by clicking on the "HELP" button

- A keyboard trigger

The Dry/Wet vocoder knob on the right hand of the window allows to tweak the rate of dry signal/vocoder signal.

Make sure to have a low enough threshold, otherwise your sample will not be detected and you will have no sound.
You can easily notice it: the spectrum needs to be orange:

If it is greyed out, your threshold is too high:

PFL: you can hear in solo mode your input signal or your keyboard by clicking on the PFL button.
Please note that you cannot save or recall this PFL state.

In keyboard mode, the C1 octave allows you to select which one of the 12 available slots you want to control.

Colored LEDs are indicating where samples are already loaded:

Once you have selected your sample, you can play it on all the keyboard range , from C2.

/!\ C1 octave is only for sample selection / no sound can come from in this mode /!\

In Cycle mode, each impulse from the keyboard will trigger the next sample slot.

In this mode, you can set the direction of the sequence:

The Vocoder V also offers a smooth legato mode, for adding glides between your samples.
You can simply activate it by clicking on this legato button:

You can enter in edition mode by clicking on a sample.

From there you can set the starting and ending points, loop a part, or even stretch the sample.

/!\ In stretch mode, "Mult." stands for multiplier: you can set a strech factor (e.g. 0,5 = twice faster, 1 = normal speed, 2 = half speed)/!\

The patch bay allows creating custom connections between the analyser and synthesizer bands, overriding the internal modulation routing

You can use any of the 16 sampler outputs to trigger any other frequency band of the synth.

In order to increase your creativity, you can stack up to 3 patch cables to the same input / output.

A new section has been implemented, with a patch preset selection and a bypass button for easy A/B comparison.

The Vocoder V offers a complete section dedicated to the sound modulations.

1. Enveloppe follower

The envelope follower tracks the voice's signal amplitude, and the result can be used to modulate up to two parameters.

2. LFO

A low frequency oscillator that can be used to modulate up to 30 parameters.

In Single mode, it adds an extra envelope to the signal.

In Cycle mode, the LFO will run indefintely.

In Retrig mode, the LFO will restart for each new key pressed.

3. Assignations

This control panel allows you to define up to 6 modulation routings.

Tips: You can for instance use your modwheel to modulate any parameter, useful in live performances.

Tips: The synth envelope can be used to modulate other parameters too.

Please refer to the dedicated article here.