Giving you simple yet powerful control, intuitive performance features, and a host of amazing software, the Black Edition MiniLab MkII and KeyLab 88 will unlock the potential in your creative setup, and improve your workflow with customizable, deep integration with your studio.

MiniLab MkII


MiniLab MkII Black Edition
Good things come in small packages

For the mobile musician or the home studio where every inch counts; we have some good news. One of the world’s most popular small-format MIDI controllers is now available in a cool new finish. MiniLab MkII Black Edition is an industry favorite, and for good reason. Packing 25 Slim-Keys, 8 RGB backlit pads, and 16 rotary knobs into a chassis that will easily fit alongside your laptop in your bag is a dream come true for the project studio producer.

MiniLab MkII Black Edition also comes complete with a software bundle that will have you creating music straight out of the box.Take advantage of the dedicated Analog Lab Lite integration, and put over 500 iconic sounds from dozens of legendary keyboards and synths at your fingertips. Lose yourself in the detail of UVI’s Grand Piano Model D, a beautifully sampled Steinway grand, and track and produce your ideas in Ableton Live Lite. All of this software is included with this powerful little MIDI controller, making it an essential purchase for the budget-conscious musician.

Lay down some ideas on the train, pack your keyboard in your overhead luggage on your flight, mix your project in your hotel room, MiniLab MkII is the perfect partner for musicians on the go, and for a limited time is available in this new, dark finish.

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KeyLab 88 Black Edition
Total control

Arturia’s flagship controller, KeyLab 88 is the ultimate full size MIDI machine. Now available for a limited time in stylish black, KeyLab 88 has everything you need to become the master of your music. Take command of virtual instruments, tweak synth parameters, mix your DAW project, and stay exactly where you need to be with dedicated transport controls, all through a single USB cable.

Immensely powerful yet easy to use, KeyLab 88 pairs up perfectly with the Arturia MIDI Control Center, letting you customize your experience, and map out exactly what you want it to do. Use the 16 backlit pads to trigger samples, punch in drums, or launch clips. Use the faders to change the ADSR of your favorite synth, or balance the levels in your track. Use the rotaries to edit the parameters of your effects, control your bus sends, or simply adjust your panning. Last but not least, what would a MIDI controller be without its keyboard? KeyLab 88 Black Edition features a luscious, piano-weighted keybed that captures every nuance of your performance.

Save the best ‘til last, as the saying goes. KeyLab 88 Black Edition also comes complete with a comprehensive software bundle that will take you on a journey of musical discovery. From Piano V, Arturia’s physically modeled piano studio suite, to UVI Grand Piano Model D, the refined KeyLab 88 will satisfy even the most discriminating pianists. Also included is Analog Lab 2, a collection of over 5,000 presets from Arturia’s award-winning V Collection 5. You’ll also be able to record and edit your ideas using Ableton Live Lite, an introduction to one of the most popular recording platforms in the world.

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From the smallest project studio to the biggest stages in the world, Arturia's Black Edition controller keyboards put all the power at your fingertips, so you spend more time playing and experimenting, and less time looking at your computer screen.