Meet RackBrute, a series of adjustable Eurorack housing systems that will store, protect, and power your sound modules.

Putting everything within easy reach, it’s the perfect solution for modern musicians who want to total control of their creative space. RackBrute also makes it easy to pack down and travel to gigs thanks to its innovative design, keeping your precious modules safe from harm. It also features a dedicated power module to provides quick access to global power, with status LEDs.

A size to suit you

RackBrute is available in 2 sizes - a smaller 3U, 88HP version, and a larger 6U 176HP model - making it the perfect storage solution both for smaller, meticulously curated modular collections, and for more comprehensive setups. The dedicated power supply keeps everything juiced up with 1600mA +12V, 1600mA -12V, and 900mA +5V output, so no matter what your ideal modular system contains, RackBrute is up to the challenge.

Tough, but flexible

RackBrute is a robust, balanced system that won’t wobble or collapse. The mix of metal frame, solid housing, and firm padding is reassuringly tough, and won’t let you down. Whether you prefer to patch your modules facing up on your desk, at an angle while standing, or face-on while performing, RackBrute has you covered. You can even fold down the system to safe travelling or storage. No other Eurorack case gives you this level of flexibility.

Lock and load: the Arturia Link

The RackBrute system also works perfectly with the latest generation of Arturia hardware synths. Now it’s easy to create a portable, customizable musical EcoSystem thanks to the Arturia Link. Hook up the MiniBrute 2 or MiniBrute 2S with ease, and look forward to more synths adopting this superb, patent-free connection system in the future.

What happens next? That’s up to you.

While the whole team at Arturia are thrilled for the imminent release of MiniBrute 2, MiniBrute 2S, and RackBrute, they are merely tools for you to explore your creativity. Conduits for your inspiration. Interfaces for your musical experimentation and discovery, with practically infinite possibilities available to you. We can’t wait to hear how you use them.

Find out more about the exciting new RackBrute range, and how it can be used to create the ultimate modular synth EcoSystem



Meet MiniBrute 2S, A thrilling hybrid sequencer-synth designed to push the envelope for the modern musician.

Taking the vast sound design potential of MiniBrute 2 and supercharging it with an advanced, triple-layered step sequencer. Combining Arturia’s legacy of joyful, intuitive sequencers with attitude-packed synthesis, and expanding into the blooming world of Eurorack modular with a comprehensive mod matrix patchbay, MiniBrute 2S will give your music the Brute Factor™.

Pure synth power

Despite its power, MiniBrute 2S’s massive synth potential remains accessible and fun to use. Thanks to its analog, semi-modular architecture, you have hands-on control of every parameter, so you can oscillators, ride your filters, sync your LFOs, and control your envelopes on the fly to create a sound that’s unique yours, bound only by your imagination.

Rewire its DNA

Open up exciting new possibilities by patching in signals from your modular collection to alter MiniBrute 2S’s sound, or patch signals out to your modular to sequence or shape them from MiniBrute 2S’s myriad controls. With this synth at your command, your creative workspace will become an experimental sound laboratory.

Step in line

Not only does MiniBrute 2S feature an awesomely powerful, triple-layered step sequencer and multi-mode arpeggiator, it’s also decked out with high quality, pressure and velocity sensitive performance pads. MiniBrute 2S perfectly suits adventurous electronic musicians who feel comfortable dropping the traditional keyboard for a more contemporary interface.

As you’ve seen, the top secret Arturia sonic research labs have been busy!

Get more information on this incredible sequencer-synth hybrid, get to grips with its features, and be inspired by its enormous creative potential.

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MiniBrute 2S



Meet MiniBrute 2, Arturia’s revolutionary analog monosynth reborn for the modular age.

Arturia’s latest instrument is a thrilling, adaptable synthesizer that can’t wait to meet your other instruments. Created for musicians, by musicians, MiniBrute 2 combines huge analog tone, powerful sound shaping features, step-sequencer, arpeggiator, and a modular patchbay to create the ultimate synth for true musical pioneers.

Hands-on synth joy

Intuitive, accessible, and fun; the pure synthesis power of MiniBrute 2 is easy to understand, quick to master, and will provide endless enjoyment. With instant, hands-on control of every parameter, you can mix your oscillators, ride your filters, sync your LFOs, and control your envelopes. MiniBrute 2 is a synth that gives you the freedom to create the sounds from your imagination.

Discover the modular world

Now you’re able to make a music system that’s truly more than the sum of its parts. MiniBrute 2 features a comprehensive modulation matrix with dozens of sources and destinations at your disposal. Whether you want to experiment with its internal parameters, wire in your modular setup, or sync your other gear to its sequencer, the possibilities are endless.

Performance power

Sporting the same luxurious, smooth-action keyboard as the venerable MatrixBrute, you’ll never want to stop playing on this inspiring synth. The keyboard also features aftertouch, which can be routed through the modulation matrix, opening up massive performance possibilities. MiniBrute 2 also features an arpeggiator with multiple modes, tap tempo, and rock-solid sync, and an intuitive step-sequencer to give you as much creative freedom as possible.

MiniBrute 2 is a superbly powerful standalone synth with outstanding connectivity and massive creative potential.

If we've piqued your curiosity, why not take a closer too at MiniBrute 2, and discover the true power the next generation of Arturia synth?

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