Sound Corner

Chunky House (Thomas Koot)

Cinematic (New Loops)

DrumBass Desires (JMB)

Lost Land (Don Solaris)

Mouvances (Paul Schilling)

Nostalgia (Cubic Spline)

SlowCore (Cubic Spline)

Trance (Thomas Koot)

Tropical Serenade (Lily Jordy)

Jason O'Bryan

Artists Corner

In today’s world of endless synthesis possibilities, it is increasingly rare to find a synth that demands your attention quite like the Arturia CZ V phase distortion synthesiser, with just a few tweaks to the beautifully crafted presets, unique and endless sonic landscapes began to emerge. Intuitive, emotive and inspirational in equal measure, the CZ V is my new favourite software synthesiser.
Jason O'Bryan
( Abbey Road Institute )