Ep. 1: Overview

In the first episode of the series we go through the OB-Xa V's front panel to learn about its signal path and set of features while listening to some of its cracking presets. It covers the basics of our new virtual instrument

Ep. 2: Advanced Features

Second episode describes the special features of the OB-Xa V that makes it quite unique. We will learn about its amazing stereo image capabilities, check the advanced modulation sources and break down one of the cool presets to learn how to build your own sounds with it.

Downloads & manuals for OB-Xa V

Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.13+ New  OBXa 26-Jan-2021 342.6 Mb  
 Win 8.1+ New  OBXa 26-Jan-2021 271.2 Mb  
 10.10+ OBXa 28-Aug-2020 315.7 Mb  
 Win 7+ OBXa 28-Aug-2020 250.7 Mb  
Manual Date Size Version Infos Download
  New  OB-Xa V FR Manual 24-Jun-2020 13.1 Mb 1.0
  New  OB-Xa V JP Manual 23-Jun-2020 13.6 Mb 1.0
  New  OB-Xa V DE Manual 20-Jun-2020 13.2 Mb 1.0
  New  OB-Xa V ES Manual 20-Jun-2020 13.2 Mb 1.0
  New  OB-Xa V EN Manual 14-May-2020 13.7 Mb 1.0

Sound Corner

Sopalin (Seroplexx)

Based on the "Alphi" preset, used in a arpeggied, synthwave bass way. Additional drums are from the CMI V.

Glowsticks & Whistles (Matt Pike)

Bouncy EDM track making extensive use of the arpeggio settings.

Crunches Under Foot (Matt Pike)

Evocative Trip Hop track with broken beat track made using only OB-Xa V as the sound source.

Do We Know (Solidtrax)

Airy melodic track in which all sounds, even the drums, were made using presets from Solidtrax, that can be found in the instrument.

Minor Arsenal (Lily Jordy)

Adventurous melodic track, mixing chiptune-like drums and bassline with lush lead and pads.

OB Mystery (New Loops)

Slow and mysterious cinematic track using only OB-Xa V as the sound source. No additional effects nor plug ins were used.