Sound Corner

Berlin School (Drew Neumann )

This musical piece is in memory of the brilliant Synth DIY Engineer/Musician Jürgen Haible.

Dirty Orchestra (Noritaka Ubukata )

This demo, in the fashion of 70's krautrock improvisations, shows typical Oberheim orchestral sounds generated only by one instance of 8 voices. The output is processed through the on-board overdrive and analog delay units to generate the typical dirtines

Berlin Berlin (Pierce Warnecke )

This track, in the techno vein, uses 3 different presets from the Oberheim SEMV: a classic acid bass line, a smooth arpeggiated melody and a full, rich pad using the SEMV's hard synced oscillator. All drums/percussion were created using the 909 preset in

Pad Filter Sweep (Noritaka Ubukata )

This rich pad mixes a sawtooth with pitch modulation and pulse wave with pulse width modulation. You can hear the characteristic SEM filter sweep through band-pass, low pass, notch and hi-pass modes.

Klamb (Kevin Lamb )

All sounds from this cinematic track come from the factory presets by Kevin Lamb. No external FX or channel EQ were used. Mod wheel and aftertouch used amply to morph sounds and show off features.

Stereo Arpeggio (Noritaka Ubukata )

The Arpeggiator is used in combination with the 8-Voice Programmer module in order to create this lively and organic arpeggio. The continuous shift from one voice to another, through different settings of filter, tune, pan and volume generates a beautiful

Artists Corner

Arturia has done it again! I am proud to be a part of the beta testing for the Oberheim SEM V... the original SEM was one of my first and favorite synths. Arturia has nailed it polyphony without the tuning nightmare. What more can you ask for?
Steve Lindsey
( Producer - Composer )

Artists Corner

The return of the unknown classic! I used 2 of these SEM modules (salvaged from an 8 voice) virtually every working day between 1992 and 2005 in my studio. If i wanted a pulsey seq or arpegio type riff this was THE synth. Cuts through a mix great and like nothing else BUT VIRTUALLY NO ONE KNEW THESE LITTLE SYNTHS!!! (clients referred to them as "the white lads") An absolute classic that i am extremely glad has been virtualised and a true asset to anyones sonic arsenal.
Roger Lyons
( Producer - Composer )

Artists Corner

Analogue warmth & movement abound in the unique multimode filter found on the SEM and I'm happy to say that this has been faithfully recreated on the Arturia version of this venerable classic analogue module. The front panel of the SEM always had a beautiful simplicity to it that made creating your own sounds a breeze and the subtle additions that Arturia have made to this are well thought out and in keeping with the sound of this timeless classic synth.
Ian Boddy
( Producer - Composer )

Artists Corner

We have been using Arturia's instruments for quite a while now and it`s an excellent addition to our work. Their new Analog Laboratory is a very effective unit especially in combination with the original soft synths.
Dr. Richard
( Kruder & Dorfmeister )

Artists Corner

The Oberheim SEM V has a simplicity and elegance that was a feature of many 70’s synths. Arturia have managed to replicate these qualities as well as adding some very cool innovations to the original design. The 8 Voice programmer module in particular is a joy to use especially in combination with the arpeggiator, delivering beautifully evolving sequences and pulsating arps. A true classic in my opinion.
Brendan Perry
( Dead Can Dance )