Most prophets foretell the future. These created it.

Playing chords, saving and recalling presets, and full synthesis architecture made the Prophet-5 a keyboard trifecta, and its huge stackable sound became a must-have. A few years later, a whole new way to think about waveforms arrived in the Prophet VS. Now these oracles of synthesis converge in a single powerful plugin that blurs the lines between analog and digital.

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From Silicon Valley to World Domination

An original tech startup success story, the Prophet-5 set the template for polyphonic analog synths for years to come. Later, the VS brilliantly broke that mold. The genius behind both invented MIDI along the way.

Now-legendary instrument designer Dave Smith had built sequencers and programmers for other synths at his San Jose home. Working with John Bowen, Barb Fairhurst, and others as Sequential Circuits®, Smith came up with exactly the right synth at exactly the right moment: the Prophet-5.

Prior to the Prophet-5, keyboardists had a choice: a real synthesizer such as the Mini, or playing more than one note at a time on an organ, electric piano, or string machine. Many setups had one of each. A wonderful thing was happening to electronics in the ’70s, though: miniaturization via integrated circuit chips. This meant more stuff in a given box, more affordably.

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When this Prophet speaks, people listen

A knob-for-knob, circuit-for-circuit model of the original Prophet-5, plus effects.

Bold and brash, the Prophet sound was versatile but never one to be upstaged. From hard sync to the signature Poly-Mod section, Prophet V has it all and then some.

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Digital Dreamscapes

The Prophet VS’ spin on wavetable synthesis birthed several synths that came after, including the Korg Wavestation® and Yamaha® SY-22.

Single-cycle digital waveforms didn’t take up much memory, so there was room for a lot of them. The waveforms in the VS covered acoustic instruments, additive waves with all kinds of harmonics, the usual analog suspects, and much more. Seamlessly mixing between four oscillators’ worth of them made the VS a powerhouse for synthesists in search of new frontiers.

Two become one

Prophet V seamlessly unites two opposing forces of synthesis in a single plugin, so you don't have to choose. Create new pathways between analog and digital for spectacular and surprising sonic results.

Hear it in action

What would you record if someone gave you a mint Prophet-5 and VS? Or rather, as many of them as you want, with as much polyphony as you need?

The following demo songs uncover how just a few of our talented artists and sound designers answered that question.

Artists corner

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Legendary Keyboards Reinvented

This instrument is also part of the V Collection -your complete dream line-up of the legendary synths, organs, pianos and more that made keyboard history. They’re modeled with the most advanced technologies for authentic realism, and enhanced with new creative options. Whether you use it as DAW plugins in the studio or standalone at gigs, V Collection puts the greatest keys of all time at your fingertips for instant inspiration.

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