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Combining the power of analog synthesis, physical modeling and samples, through the intuitive workflow of a hardware drum machine, Spark is a highly creative beat-production center.

Spark will save you time when looking for the right drum kit, will get you hooked by its amazing simplicity, and will surprise you by its sonic possibilities.

With a dense library of more than 100 kits, including classic drum machines, modern electronic analog kits, acoustic & physically modeled drums, Spark is your weapon of choice to create unique beats whether you are producing in the studio or performing on stage.

Artists corner


The complete drum solution

With in-depth control over your sounds, advanced loop mode, XY touchpad with 8 real time effects, Spark will allow you to create unique beat experiments and constantly feed your creativity with innovative ideas.

Embedded drum engines

Spark’s sonic power is nothing but huge, embedding three distinctive drum engines: virtual analog synthesis, sampling and physical modeling. With access to in-depth parameters and given how easy it is to automate them all, every instrument is totally customizable, making beat creation more powerful and fun than just browsing through gigabytes of samples.

Groove Station

Incorporating a 64-step sequencer and 8 velocity-sensitive touch pads into a sturdy beat station, Spark is your weapon of choice to create grooves whether you are working in the studio or performing on stage.

So much control

Thanks to its very intuitive controller, Spark will introduce you to a unique playing experience. Forget about your computer mouse, get inspired, dive into the creative workflow, and produce stunning beats in no time.

1-16 step sequencer

2-Transport section

Select your patterns and know which is playing at a glance.

3-FX Pad

The touch-sensitive FX pad is loaded with a 3-mode Filter, a 6-mode Slicer and a Roller so you can instantly transform your sound and create live fills.

4-Key parameters

You get 8 sequences with up to 64 steps each to create multiple musical phrases.

5-Velocity and pressure-sensitive pads

Capture every nuance of your groove.

6-Master volume & Shuffle knobs


Extreme looper allowing for stunning live effects

8-LCD Screen

A lot of handy information is displayed on this blue LCD

9-Pattern circle

Select your patterns and follow their chaining at a glance

10-Jog dial

Quickly load your favorite kits and instruments

11-Main parameters

6 hands-on control for Cutoff and Resonance and to mix it through high quality audio effects (reverb, compressor,...) or simply adjust the panning and volume.