Hit the ground running with our quick-fire tutorial series on DrumBrute Impact.

Want to learn how to layer up a sequence? How about brushing up on its powerful performance controls? Maybe you'd like to learn more about its unique Color parameters, or discover new ways of syncing DrumBrute Impact to your favorite gear? Join Bryan on an easy-to-follow voyage of discovery.

Ep. 1: Sounds and Steps
Make a pattern straight away.

In the first tutorial, Bryan demonstrates the huge sound flexibility on offer with DrumBrute Impact, cycling through each sound and their parameters. He also demonstrates how easy it is to get started by entering steps in various ways using the performance pads and workflow-enhanced sequencer.

Ep. 2: Color and Distortion
Master DrumBrute Impact’s sonic secrets.

Learn how to enable and sequence DrumBrute Impact’s Color function, and how the in-built distortion can be used on the master mix to give your sound extra bite, or to glue everything together. DrumBrute Impact is a tone-master, and Bryan is here to show you how to make full use of its abilities in this easy to follow guide.

Ep. 3: Adding Feeling
Bring your patterns to life!

Learn how to use the Roller and Looper to play around with time divisions, add polyrhythm, swing, and randomness to your sequences. Bryan also covers how simple it is to engage unquantized recording to capture that human feel in your beats. Watch this quick tutorial, and learn how DrumBrute Impact can enhance your patterns, performances, and tracks.

Ep. 4: Exploring Connectivity
The beating heart of your setup.

DrumBrute Impact can connect to other music-making devices. In this video, Bryan shows how to process DrumBrute Impact’s sound with external effects, and sync to other music gear using MIDI and Clock. It’s more than an analog drum machine – it’s the perfect companion in the studio or live.