Falco Benz meets MiniBrute SE

Falco Benz performing live on the MiniBrute SE at the 2014 Smeerboel Festival in Utrecht.

Introducing MiniBrute SE

Introducing Arturia MiniBrute Analog Synthesizer

MiniBrute is Arturia's new analog synthesizer

Dave Clarke meets the MiniBrute

The Techno legend welcomes us in his boat sudio in Amsterdam

Vince Clarke meets the MiniBrute

Check out our exclusive interview with synth legend Vince Clarke at his studio in New-York, talking about MiniBrute, his relation to synths and his up-coming projects

Minibrute + Spark Creative Drum Machine

In this video, Arturia Sound Design Manager, Mike Hosker, shows you how to sync Spark with MiniBrute to create locked arpeggiated and LFO patterns with your beats.

DopeDOD meets the MiniBrute

Peter Songolo, producer for the critically acclaimed Dutch Hip Hop band "Dope DOD", shares his love for the MiniBrute analog synthesizer as it perfectly fits his needs for raw, aggressive urban & Dubstep bassline

Jacobo Abreo performs on MiniBrute

French-Colombian composer Jacobo Abreo impressed us with his video showcasing two MiniBrutes in action. From synthetic drums to heavy basslines and bright leads, Jacobo delivers an impressive panorama of the MiniBrute's palette in a stunning performance.

Adrian Utley (Portishead) meets the MiniBrute

Junkie XL meets the MiniBrute

We had the chance to meet progressive house's godfather Junkie XL for a quick presentation of MiniBrute... which ended up being love at first sight, as you can tell by watching this video!

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