Sound Corner

Audio tech 1 (Samuel Severino)

Audio Film Score (Samuel Severino)

Audio Minimal (Samuel Severino)

Fishadance (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Dance demo made only with the iProphet

Audio Minimal 2 (Samuel Severino)

Prophet Massive (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Drum'n'bass demo made only with the iProphet

Audio Trip Hop (Samuel Severino)

Wood Meeting (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Dream pop demo made only with the iProphet

John Carpenter

Artists Corner

Awesome old school synth. I love playing it.
John Carpenter
( Score Composer )
Chris Meyer

Artists Corner

I'm very happy to see Vector Synthesis live on with the iProphet VS. Vector Synthesis is much more than just cramming four oscillators into a voice; the continuous crossfading between four waveforms provides incredible animation to a sound. And IÕm thrilled to see Arturia improved on the original hardware instrument by adding oscillator sync (which was considered for the original instrument), removing the sidebands on the high notes, and sidestepping the flakey aftertouch sensors on the keyboard version of the VS.
Chris Meyer
( Sequencial Circuit )