iSpark is an all-inclusive beat-making solution allowing to create rich tracks from A to Z. It includes a large variety of drum kits and individual instruments based on the most renowned drum machines and top-notch sound design.

As direct as a drum hit

iSpark allows you to play drum patterns in-real time and to tweak your sound on-the-fly. Its optimized and performance-oriented layout gives you a direct access to an extended range of sonic parameters.

It integrates a powerful and flexible 64-step sequencer enhancing your workflow and creative freedom.

Tom Demac

Artists Corner

Having a lot of fun with iSpark jamming out ideas away from the studio. Very easy to get started with but you can go in deep with automation, love that you can hook the iPad up to the actual SparkLE hardware unit! Recommended.
Tom Demac
( DJ/Producer )
Dave Clarke

Artists Corner

iSpark is very cool. A superb way of planning some patterns and jamming whilst on the Thalys.
Dave Clarke
Carl Craig

Artists Corner

I love this iSpark app! it lives up to Arturia's legacy of sonic goodness. iSpark gives me the opportunity to work on ideas while I'm in my hotel, airplane, anywhere and input my creations once i've returned to my evil laboratory.
Carl Craig
( DJ/Producer )

Unleashed beat-making

iSpark unites our multi-rewarded TAE® technology, with a modular engine, physical modeling and crystal-clear multi-layered samples. Beyond drum and percussive sounds, iSpark blasts the frontiers of beat-making through a range of singular sonic effects, warm analog synth textures and melodic elements.

Still craving for more sounds? iSpark is fully compatible with all the resources of its desktop counterpart.

Keep the pace

iSpark offers a total and seamless compatibility with the existing Spark environment. Continuously maintain your creative flow by transferring your projects, patterns, your kits and individual instruments between Spark 2 and iSpark in a heartbeat.

Connect the dedicated SparkLE controller to iSpark and associate the flexibility of an app-based instrument to the effectiveness and comfort of hardware.

Stay Connected

Multiply the creative potential of iSpark thanks to integrated features such as Ableton Link and Korg Wist integration, AudioBus and Inter-App Audio compatibility plus the possibility to exchange projects, kits and sounds between iSpark and the Spark 2 desktop software.

Sound Corner

Yticadau (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Kind of glitchy dubstep track made with the sound from the Glitch Hop kit.

Labyc (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Electro hop track made using the Race 2 break kit.

Rock the Lynn (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Playing around with the classic sounds from the Lynn Dream kit. Most of the pattern havce recorded live into iSpark.

Egatinv (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Playing around with some pattern from the the Vintage drums kit. All programming made into iSpark.

Elcycer (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Classic and efficient house tune made with the deep lab 5 kit.

Oncet (Jean-Baptiste Arthus)

Kind of Afro-techno? using the Tech noir kit from our sound designer Jacobo Abreo.

Required configuration

iSpark requires a 64-bit iPad (iPad Air, iPad Air 2 or later, iPad Mini 2, 3, 4 or later, iPad Pro or later) and iOS 8 or later.

Main Features

  • Pristine quality sound engines including: TAE® analog synthesis, and multi-layered samples provided by our top-tier development partners
  • 640 Instruments / 40 kits
    • Classic drum machines
    • Electronic kits
    • Acoustic kits
  • Shuffle and shift modes to humanize grooves
  • Choke groups to mute instruments naturally
  • Song mode with 16 segments
  • Performance master effects: repeat, tape, reverse, strobe, pan, mix, bit crusher, 8-mode filter and Roller
  • 16-track mixer with high-quality effects: multiband compressor, bit crusher, multiband EQ, chorus, delay, reverb, distortion, phaser, plate reverb, destroyer, flanger, space pan, limiter, sub generator
  • Real-time automation on all parameters
  • Compatible with SparkLE controller
  • Compatible with AudioBus and Inter-App Audio
  • Ableton Link integration
  • Korg Wist integration
  • Possibility to share projects, kits and instruments between iSpark and the desktop version of Spark 2.