Analog Super-Synth

_MatrixBrute is an analog synthesizer that redefines a class of performance and studio synths that has not been matched since the glory days of the 70’s and 80’s.

Designed to be flexible and fun to use, evocative and awe inspiring, and most importantly, a world-class musical instrument; the MatrixBrute gives you the depth you need to design and keep inspired for years to come.

The goal was to create a synthesizer with the flexibility of a modular but at the same time have it be intuitive and programmable for the live and studio musician. 1:1 knob and button interface for ease of use; pure analog sound with the fattest oscillator in the industry; two filters based on the original designs of Dr. Bob and Nyle Steiner, but taken to new levels; real analog delay effects on the output and the eye catching matrix modulation. All these features and more add up to create a landmark electronic music platform.

Tone Generation

The foundation for any great synthesizer requires great oscillators.

Complex Audio Mods

The AUDIO MOD section allows you to create complex audio modulations.

You can route oscillators to other oscialltors to create dense cross modulation sounds as well as routing oscillators and the noise generator to filters to add some more grit and grime into your sound.


The soul of a synthesizer is the filters. We decided to give the MatrixBrute two souls.

Enter The Matrix

Undeniably the matrix is probably the first thing that caught your eye.

It is big and brash and bold. Part routing system, part sequencer and part preset recall grid, the matrix is undoubtedly the most exciting thing to hit the synth world in a while. rience.


Modulation sources give life to your sound.They animate it and give it dimension.


We have included 3 LFO modulation sources. LFO 1 and 2 give you a vast array of waveforms to choose from. These LFOs can also sync to the sequencer or MIDI clock so that you can twist and bend your sound in time to the music.


The 3rd LFO is part of VCO 3 and has the ability to track the keyboard for sounds that change as you play up and down.


3 Envelopes are also included to give you time based control over filter, VCA’s or any other parameter you want to route them to via the matrix. Our hyper-fast punchy envelopes will allow you to create hard hitting bass and lead sounds. Draw them out and they become soundscape creating time machines.


Lastly a good synthesizer is part of an ecosystem.

One that allows you to work with other devices, and to interconnect modules using industry standard protocols. The MatrixBrute excels in this area. With 12 CV inputs and outputs that allow you to tie into the matrix, you can use Eurorack standard modules to add even more flexibility to MatrixBrute.

Performance controls

A synthesizer is meant to be an interactive musical instrument.

At the center is the keyboard and our 49 note velocity keybed with aftertouch gives you a great platform for playing. But playing the synthesizer is more than just pressing keys. We have the standard pitch bend and mod wheels that you will find on most synths but we have added 4 macro knobs that can be assigned, and routed via the Matrix, to any of the modulation destinations. This allows for single knob control of up to 16 parameters. Using the macros will take your performances to new levels. On top of this we have an amazing sequencer and arpeggiator for making musical patterns or tempo sync’ed modulations.

Analog output effects

Synthesizers and effects can be a touchy subject.

Too often companies put poor quality, poor sounding digital effects at the end of their analog audio chain which leads to bad overall sound. We have built in 5 high quality true analog effects that will be sure to impress. From stereo delay and mono delay to chorus and flanging as well as a unique multi-tap reverberator, our new analog effects are the perfect finish to this impressive sound chain.