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AcidReFlux Demo2.mp3


My Favorit_Sound.mp3

BPBasshead (Richard DEVINE)

Nostalgic Strings (Nori UBUKATA)

Black Lights (Jean-Michel BLANCHET)

Light Exposure (Stéphane Schott)

JB-FX (Jean-Baptiste ARTHUS)

Son of_Seq (Victor MORELLO)


Harsh driven bass sounds made alive by multiple LFO modulation and live tweaking to bring back and forth the different oscillators levels.

Touched by_grace (Simon Gallifet)

This chilly nu-disco beat makes a great showcase of the different sounds in the preset bank. All the sounds were made with the MatrixBrute, except the drum parts. 3 different presets are used : MalletLead, BrassLead, UnissonBass


This lead has two parts : oscillator 1 is playing a typical MatrixBrute key sound taking advantage of the famous Arturia triangle Metalizer, while oscillator 2 adds a more classical flavour. Heavy hand tweaking from the Touché gathers the two flavours into one unique sound !


A tribute to one of the ancestors of modern synthesizers. Haunting and expressive lead sound drowned in the built-in delay.


Starts as a classic mallet-like plucked patch, this sounds ends up as something way more modern and bright. Bring out the drums !


Classic analog brass-like pad with rhytmical cutoff modulation to make the playing feel like an actual ensemble.


Starts as a soft arpeggiated bell sound then gradually morphs into a full blown 3 oscillators lead before suddendly going back to the initial sound.


Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Artists Corner

Very unique, extremely addictive. The MatrixBrute yields results that I can't get on other hardware with this kind of intuitive, clean functionality. I think it's a modern classic
Justin Meldal-Johnsen
( Nine Inch Nails, Paramore, Beck )