This page will guide you through the few steps
to get started with the MiniFilter V:

1. Install the MiniFilter V

1. Select the appropriate version
To download the installer, select the appropriate download link according to your operating system.

Manual Date Size Version Infos Download
  New  Mini-Filter JP Manual 12-Apr-2018 17.1 Mb 1.0
  New  Mini-Filter ES Manual 05-Mar-2018 6.2 Mb 1.0
  New  Mini-Filter DE Manual 05-Mar-2018 6.2 Mb 1.0
  New  Mini-Filter FR Manual 05-Mar-2018 6.2 Mb 1.0
  New  Mini-Filter EN Manual 28-Feb-2018 6.2 Mb 1.0
Platform Name Date Size Version Infos Download
 10.10+ New  Mini-Filter 27-Feb-2018 203 Mb  
 Win 7+ New  Mini-Filter 27-Feb-2018 89.5 Mb  
 10.8+ New  MiniFilter V 23-Dec-2016 188.1 Mb  
 Win 7+ New  MiniFilter V 23-Dec-2016 106.1 Mb  

2. Launch the installer file and follow the next steps.
You will be asked to select which plugin you want to install according to your DAW and configuration.

3. Once the installation is over click on finish.
The MiniFilter V and the Arturia Software Center should now be installed.
For your information, the Arturia Software Center will manage your MiniFilter V activation.

2. Activate the MiniFilter V on your computer

The MiniFilter V will remain in demo mode until it is activated,
here is how to do so.

1. Launch the Arturia Software Center
You can find it using the spotlight search on Mac OS or the Cortana Assistant in windows by typing "Arturia Software Center".

2. Log into the Arturia Software Center
Enter the same email address and password as for your My Arturia account.
You will then be able to find your MiniFilter V License on the main panel.

If you're using an offline computer, please follow the process described in this article

3. Activate your MiniFilter V license
On the MiniFilter V line, click the activate button. Your brand new effect will now be activated.
You are now able to use it without restriction on up to 5 different computers simultaneously. To do that, repeat this operation on your other computers.

3. Launch the MiniFilter V

The MiniFilter V is not available as a standalone software.
It must be used in a DAW.

Click on the icons to see how to select and use the MiniFilter V in the most popular DAWs:

Discover, experiment, enjoy!

For Ableton Live

1-Go to the browser on the left

2-Select the “Plug-ins” category

3-Open the VST Folder

4-Browse the MiniFilter V in the list

5-And Drag & Drop it on your Track / FX Return

For Bitwig

1-Go to the Browser on the right

2-Select the Device Tab

Click on the “System VST Plugins folder”

3-Below browse the MiniFilter V in the list

4-Finally Drag & Drop it in your track

For Cubase

1-Select your Track

2-In the Inspector, open the Audio Insert tab

Click on a blank tab

3-Open the Modulation Drop Down list

4-Select MiniFilter V

The MiniFilter V should be added to your track.

For FL STudio

1-In the browser on the left, open the Plugin Database folder

2-Then click on the Fx-Modulation section

You will see the MiniFilter-V

3-Drag & Drop it in one of your Mixer insert

FL Studio first requires to rescan the available plugins
to do that, you can follow this Image Line tutorial:


For Logic Pro X

1-Select your Track

2-On your Track, under Settings, EQ & Input

Click on the Audio FX Drop down tab

3-Then follow: Audio Units > Arturia > MiniFilter V

Click on it, the MiniFilter V will be added to your track

The latest Arturia plugins are not compatible with Logic 9 and below.

More informations here: More infos

For Pro Tools

1-Select your Track

2-Click on one of the Inserts A-E tabs

In the dropdown list follow

3-Multichannel plug-in > Effect > MiniFilter V

The MiniFilter V will be added to your track

For Studio One

1-Go the the browser on the right and click the Effects Tab

2-Open the Arturia folder

Browse the MiniFilter V in the list

3-And Drag & Drop it on your track

The MiniFilter will be added to your track’s insert.

For Digital Performer

1-Go to the Mixing Board Tab

2-On the top of the track you want to add the MiniFilter V:

3-Click one of the insert tab, a window will appear

4-Select the effect Tab and Browse the MiniFilter V

Click Select to add it to your track insert slot.

4. Discover what you can do with it

00:24 - Powerful Ladder Filter (Use on an acoustic guitar)
01:02 - Intuitive Step Sequencer (Used on an electric guitar)
01:40 - Creative Inspiration (Used on a general Mix)
02:09 - Layer & enrich your sound (Used on a Piano)
02:38 - Cut through the mix (Used on Vocals)
03:12 - True Analog Emulation (Used on a Drum machine)
03:47 - Full MIDI control (Used on a Bass)
04:17 - Wide ranging, dynamic controls (Used on a Drum Kit)