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Iconic stage, studio, and creative delays ready to explore in your DAW.

With the huge number of plug-ins available today, it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why the team at Arturia wanted to make things a bit simpler.

We have recreated two of the most famous hardware analog delays ever made, and developed our own powerful, versatile digital to give you the best echo processing available.

That way, you can spend more time making music, and less time trying out lots of different effects trying to find the sound you like.

Let’s make music.

The perfect combination

Thanks to our critically acclaimed work bringing legendary synths back as software instruments, we’ve been able to turn our TAE® technology to studio gear and instrument effects. These delays are the fruit of our passion.

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I’ve already got a delay, why do I need more?

These aren’t just any delays.

These are time-honored effects brought to life in your DAW with advanced modelling, and a cutting-edge effect that combines all our skill and expertise. The sound that shaped countless hit records and defined the tone of the most successful guitarists of all time can now be yours.

Accurately modelled, reborn as software, and injected with powerful new features that you’ll love to use time and time again.

Hear them in action, and judge for yourself.

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Artists corner

The complete package

In our search for perfect delays, we analyzed many pedals, rack units, and quirky hardware units to find the effects that you’ll want to use again and again.

We studied their components, from the tape to the circuits, we modelled the response of the tape heads, we brought the best elements of famous hardware delays into the software world. The resulting plug-ins are simple to use, inspiring to experiment with, and sound absolutely amazing.

Interested in our modelling technology, and the process involved in bringing back classic hardware as software?

Find out more about TAE® here

Where to start?

Get to know our modulation FX and their extensive features - pristine, intuitive sound for your mix, straight away.

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*NKS compatibility coming soon.

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