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Sanjay C

“I have to say, the interfaces are great […], the sound is good and it's hard to beat the price.”

Review from Everything Recording

Everything Recording

“If you're looking for a bundle to get everything done you need, efficiently and masterfully, you've come to the right place. FX Collection is a home run with plugins that will quickly become your "desert island" choices.”


“If you’re in the market for an effects package, FX Collection 2 should be at the top of your shopping list. It has most everything you could need and sounds just incredible. FX Collection 2 has just about everything you need in one gorgeous effects package.”


“As Arturia's slogan says, this is a collection of effects that you WILL use (and we'd add you will love). No filler effects or effects that don't add anything new. This mega-package condenses just what you'd have in a professional studio, but at a fraction of the price, and with additional features that the designers of the original units never dreamed of (or well, maybe they did, but without having the technology to implement them). Each of these effects will be of great use to you at some point of your production workflow.”

Mike (Creative Sauce)

“I use quite a number Arturia's effects plug ins, they are high quality, get results very quickly and are very useful.”

Zane (Audiotech TV)

“Arturia really delivers the quality with these.”

Sound On Sound

“This is a well-rounded set of plug-ins that adds a little vintage flavour and extra flexibility to emulations of industry favourites, as well as providing you with some impressive Arturia originals.“

Ask Audio

“A comprehensive set of processing tools that would be useful in any style of production. The one downside is that if you already own the previous releases, there’s only two new plugins here. If you are new to the Arturia FX collection, then it's definitely worth getting into.”

Rate By GearSpace


“Once again Arturia have put together an excellent set of very useful audio processors covering pretty much every type of signal modification you need. And at a “ridiculously” low cost per unit, especially during the intro price (until June 25, 2021). Highly recommended.”

Yalcin Efe (Electronic Music Insider)

“My all time favorite is the BUS Force. I love how Arturia added the screen , which gives access to the Analog plug in with a modern interface.”

Chri Selim (Mixdown Online)

“Sounds pretty cool! I love it!”


“The Arturia FX Collection puts a high-end studio, with all of its outboard gear, in the hands of every producer. Most of these plugins are modeled after rare and precious hardware units, in a totally unique way, with a modern twist. There’s literally one (or more) effect for any mixing or creative task. And they sound amazing!”

Michael White

“I loaded it up and said let me give it a test run and as soon as I did it, like after about 2 minutes I thought this is the plugin of the week. […] Great emulation of the Neve 33609C.”

ADSR Music Production Tutorials

“It's amazing to see the routing chains within the BUS Force plug in, without doing it separatly on your DAW.”

CatSynth TV

“The Phaser Bi-Tron offers richness and complex modulations to the sound”