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Modulation FX You'll Actually Use

Color your mix with a selection of irresistible and instantly recognisable effects. These are no ordinary modulation plugins; they’re circuit-accurate emulations of time-tested classics, meticulously engineered to capture every tonal nuance of their hardware predecessors.

Rediscover vintage analog magic, or experiment with outside-the-box sonic manipulation - the choice is entirely yours.

Ever-changing, ever-inspiring

We see modulation as a journey without a destination. You start with a dry signal. You switch the effect on and take your first step. The journey evolves, twisting and turning in interesting and enticing ways. When you switch the effect off, you’re back where you started - ready to take the journey all over again.

From subtle stereo enhancement to the weird, the wonderful and the mind-blowing, lose yourself in the journey - these are the only modulation effects you’ll ever need.


One of the most sought-after effects units of all time. Simple 4-mode operation for beautifully smooth chorus at the touch of a button, complete with perfectly-emulated BBD warmth.

See more info on Chorus DIMENSION-D

Phaser BI-TRON

An elusive dual phaser that oozes boutique guitar pedal charm. Two phasing circuits, advanced routing options and a warm, distinctly detailed sound that’s set to stun.

See more info on Phaser BI-TRON

Flanger BL-20

Flanger but not as you know it. A rare studio gem that goes from faint stereo width to out-of-this-world compound modulation in no time, fortified with analog character.

See more info on Flanger BL-20

Press Clipping

"The interface is intuitive and simple so the learning curve is pretty much nonexistent allowing you to concentrate applying modulation to your sounds."
AskAudio Magazine

The Modulation Greats, Retrofitted

Mesmerising stereo warbles. Stadium-sized jet engine sweeps. Resonant harmonics weaving in and out of each other. These aren’t just instrument effects; these are the secret weapons behind some of the most iconic sounds of all time. Legends in their own right, replicated down to the finest tonal detail.

It doesn’t end there - we’ve pushed these classics a step further. Modernized with new controls, algorithms and contemporary appointments, we wanted to ensure that they’ll meet the requirements of today’s music makers.

Enough talk, let’s listen:


click on FX to hear the effect!

click on FX to hear the effect!

Phaser BI-TRON

click on FX to hear the effect!

click on FX to hear the effect!

Flanger BL-20

click on FX to hear the effect!

click on FX to hear the effect!

Enjoy the best of both worlds - the beauty of vintage sound, the precision of modern controls. This is just a taste of what these reminaged classic effects are capable of.

A legacy in sound

From rare guitar pedals to vintage rack units, we spent time meticulously analyzing hardware in search of the perfect modulation effects. The warmth of bucket brigade device architecture, the nuances of analog stereo spread, the subtle imperfections of hand-soldered components - the real magic lies in the finer details. We employed proprietary technology to accurately replicate these subtleties.

The result? A fine-tuned selection of effects that are as comprehensive as they are authentic.

Tim Bazell

Artists Corner

There have been numerous attempts to emulate these classic units that have fallen short of the vibe of the originals. Arturia have nailed it with this latest release, which has managed to capture the depth and musicality of some of the hardware in incredible detail. An absolute joy to use.
Tim Bazell
( Mix Engineer )
Jacob Wilkinson-Smith

Artists Corner

Hearing is believing and when I heard how the three modulators added a new layer to my mix I was sold. From simple modulations that make your beats feel wider to extreme modulations that take your sound to a whole new level of experimentation, the trio has you covered.
Jacob Wilkinson-Smith
( Producer / Recording Engineer )
Emre Ramazanoglu

Artists Corner

The 3 new Arturia Modulators blew me away, providing the classic sound and feel of the units I'd expect, but with the option of deep diving into the expanded control section and fine-tuning them beyond the parameters of the original units. Class acts!
Emre Ramazanoglu
( Engineer / Mixing - Noel Gallagher, Carly Rae Jepsen, Sia )

Where to start?

Get to know our modulation FX and their extensive features - pristine, intuitive sound for your mix, straight away.

Presets & tutorials

A new effect can be daunting if you're not familiar with it.

We've included a selection of presets for immediate access to the coolest modulation settings, no fiddling required. Better still, each plugin includes on-screen tips and step-by-step tutorials from our sound designers, highlighting relevant parameters and tweaks.

Modern enhancements

Our effects expand on the designs and features of the hardware that they're based on.

This lets you push them even further, to experiment in ways that would've previously been impossible. Tempo-synchronization, extensive parameter modulation, envelope manipulation - truly versatile sonic tools for any project.

Arturia Software Center

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TAE® and Phi® Powered

To create its sound, this software title uses both of Arturia's exclusive modelling technologies. TAE® is used to map out, analyse, and reproduce the nuanced behaviour of analog electronic components and circuits. Phi® is focused on physical modelling, reproducing a virtual version of the original instrument inside your computer, letting you hear its resonance and vibrations, rather than simply playing back sampled recordings. The benefit of all this technology is also two-fold: it sounds absolutely amazing, and it gives you huge scope to tweak and personalize.

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Sound Corner

Chimes In the_Wind (Lily Jordy)

Phased Out (Lily Jordy)

Funk Demo (JMB)

Ethereal Mind (lily jordy)

Glass Sight (Anthony Hoax)

Platform specifications

  • Windows: Win 7+ PC: 4 GB RAM; 2 GHz CPU.
    1GB free hard disk space
    OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU
  • Apple: 10.10+: 4 GB RAM; 2 GHz CPU.
    1GB free hard disk space
    OpenGL 2.0 compatible GPU

Required configuration

VST 2.4 (64-bit), VST 3 (64-bit), AAX (64 bits with PT 11), Audio Unit (64-bit), NKS* (64-bit DAWs only).

VST 2.4


The software is protected by the Arturia Software Center. You can learn more about it here.

*NKS compatibility coming soon

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