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The best sounding, most customizable reverbs ever made, now in your DAW

A great sounding reverb is one of the most important effects you’ll need in your software studio, but there are so many choices out there, which one will be right for you?

We may be developers, but we’re producers too, and we understand what you need in a reverb. That’s why we recreated 2 of the most iconic hardware reverbs, and reimagined them as software effects.

We also supercharged them with contemporary features, and added one of our own, totally original designs into the mix, too.

Now, you can mix with creativity and confidence.

3 Reverbs You’ll Actually Use

Thanks to our critically acclaimed work bringing legendary synths back as software instruments, we’ve been able to turn our TAE® and Phi® modelling technologies to studio gear and instrument effects. This is what makes Arturia’s reverbs sound so fantastic.

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A reverb’s a reverb, why do I need 3?

We like your style, let’s explain. Reverb effects can be made in lots of different ways, and they sound very different too.

Spring reverbs have a really animated, zingy, sound that is very identifiable and desirable. We physically modelled every part of the spring, its tank, and we circuit-modelled the electronics to bring it to life in your DAW. Plate reverbs excite a big metal sheet, creating a lush, resonant sound. We used our tech in the same way so you can enjoy the sound of these heavy studio giants from the comfort of your computer.

Finally, our unique algorithmic Rev INTENSITY is a super-modern reverb that lets you get creative with sound design within the plugin itself.

Enough talk, let’s listen:

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The complete package

In our search for the most influential reverbs, we analyzed many pedals, rack units, and quirky hardware units to find the effects that you’ll want to use again and again.

We found out what makes them tick, and developed new techniques to recreate the resonant plate and the zingy spring as accurately as possible. We invented a powerful new reverb algorithm to let you experience ultra-modern reverb in Rev INTENSITY without sacrificing your CPU.

The resulting plug-ins are simple to use, inspiring to experiment with, and sound absolutely amazing.

Interested in our modelling technology, and the process involved in bringing back classic hardware as software?

Find out more about TAE® and Phi® here.

Where to start?

Get to know our modulation FX and their extensive features - pristine, intuitive sound for your mix, straight away.

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