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The bouncy “boing” of a spring reverb has brought joy, soul, and atmosphere to countless records since the technology was devised in the 30s. Now Rev SPRING-636 will add that authentic, physical tone to your DAW.

It’s this marriage of audio techniques and modelling technology that let us create the best-sounding software spring reverb ever heard.

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What springs are made for

These examples show just a fraction of what Rev INTENSITY is capable of. The true fun begins when you experience it for yourself, in your own projects. Download the free trial now and get ready to have your mind blown.

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New Features

Modern sounds and abilities exclusive to our software recreation.

Loading up this plugin on one of your tracks feels like getting hands-on with a modded, souped up, fully customizable bit of music industry history.

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Experience Rev SPRING-636 now!

Can’t wait to try it out on your own music? Why wait? Load it up, and explore this reborn legend for yourself.


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