Andreas TillianderAnalog symphony

Andreas TillianderAnalog symphony

Stockholm-based Tilliander has been exploring his craft for 25 years with a career defined by a dedication to innovative electronic sound and live performance, spanning monikers including TM404 and Mokira.

A creative path paved with experimental ambience and ethereal dub-inspired textures - Tilliander’s original sound is heavily inspired by his array of analog gear, and the possibilities of a hybrid workflow, enabling the genesis of intricate, constantly evolving productions.

A studio steeped in historic synths

Tilliander’s studio represents an eye for both the iconic and the innovative, from his ARP 2600 and its modular conspecifics, to classic keyboards, modern samplers and connectivity-confident interfaces. While paying great attention to the potential of each sculpted analog sound, Tilliander’s artistry is brought to life through intelligent integration between hardware and software - between his beloved instruments and their potential for interplay.

His early influences include time-honored greats such as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and The Cure. Later folding out into an interest in Warp’s tapestry of IDM innovation and beat-broken brain-dance. An influence closely followed by the attenuated pulse of Basic Channel, which went on to inspire the style and cadence of Tilliander’s uptempo explorations.

I really like finding new sounds with old equipment. It’s mainly how I see music, I try to find soundscapes and make 10 interesting minutes with stuff that is evolving and transforming.

A distinct underground sound

With such an array of equipment, Tilliander notes the importance of being able to integratively sequence and command the pitch of his synthesizers - in such a way that allows him to effortlessly layer revolving modular patterns, percussive textures and broody basslines for a cavernous electronic sound.

What I like about performing a jam is that it feels like the music is still alive, if the 101 is sounding, I can go there, adjust the volume, I can add some hi-hats from the 606 or whatnot, and the music is still Organic.

Tilliander’s productions breathe with a delicacy, aliveness and attention to detail that reflects both the sonic depth of his equipment array and penchant for live-play and in-the-moment modulation.

This approach has enabled him to weave together a distinct and diverse underground aesthetic ranging from marching, acid techno spaces to introspective modular interludes and lo-fi ambient reprises.

A workflow enhanced through interconnectivity

I have two Audio Fuse 16Rig which will give me 32 channels of analog input, and as you can tell.. I think I need it.

Tilliander’s wall-to-wall studio features many great sounding and iconic production tools; instruments that have been fundamentally curated to work in synchrony, rather than isolation. His setup is brought to life with the prolific analog inputs of Audio Fuse 16Rig, and his sound, articulated through the control and sequencing capabilities of two KeyStep Pro keyboards - including the new Chroma edition - providing a crucial point of sonic confluence for a dense and demanding hardware and software workflow. Keystep Pro Chroma is Arturia’s updated powerhouse sequencer, with a dark exterior and customizable aesthetic that puts an alluring and edgy spin on the original.

What I love about the KeyStep Pro is that is both a keyboard and sequencer, so it’s very very easy for me to add notes.

He takes a moment to demonstrate the live production potential of the Key Step Pro Chroma which was handling input from an SH101 keyboard, MicroFreak and nord rack. Tillander comments on the ease and usefulness of being able to progressively input notes and chords, a method of musical ideation that rings true in his discography, and is evident in his studio jam - combining an intonated bass lead with crisp modular swing and a scintillating big-room techno arp line.

What I like about arturia is that you have both hardware and software, because that's how I work. I’m not strictly hardware or strictly software, so, I like that it's a mixture between both worlds so to speak.

A personal connection

Spending time in the studio with Tilliander, it’s clear that a care for both original analog sound and contemporary production techniques is what allows him to produce dark, dubby, drawn-out and unfolding electronic ambiences with confidence. For him, it is listening to the sound that counts, and directing its progression through a felt sense and intuition, over-and-above rationalized, quantised, bar-perfect production.

The noir appeal of the Key Step Pro Chroma is situated perfectly amongst his gear, providing an important nexus of control, and endless possibilities for accumulative sound play.

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