Hideya Kojima

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Hideya Kojima
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Hideya Kojima is a popular Japanese artist and producer whose music foundations are deeply rooted in funk and disco music.

He has produced songs for many artists and is highly respected both by his fans and the producer community. Together with vocalist “Pon” they form the band “ORESAMA” in which they pursue a new and original J-POP sound with a disco / funk vibe.

Please let us know about
your music background

Let us know
what plugins you normally use

Let us know about
your song creation process

From a guitarist perspective,
how do you choose synth sounds?

How and when did you start
using ARTURIA V Collection?

How do you use
software plugins?

Please let us know
other sounds you’re using

Do you also create
sounds from scratch?

What do you like about
ARTURIA collection

What are your plans with your band “ORESAMA”
in the close future?