Analog Lab V & Accessibility
with Jason Dasent

London-based Jason Dasent is on a musical mission.

As a producer, engineer, keyboardist, and everything in between, he fuses soul with pop and funk with calypso flavors from his native Trinidad. But as a visually-impaired person, he’s committed to bridging the gap between accessibility and creativity. Jason kindly invited us into his musical domain to see how he explores music with KeyLab and Analog Lab V’s Accessibility features.

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Analog Lab has been all about simplicity, ease of use, and fun from day one.

We’re committed to provide the quickest, most inspiring, and most gratifying route to incredible sound for producers, musicians, and audio enthusiasts from all walks of life. The energy that Jason Dasent emits when he’s in his creative element is infectious, and a testament to the importance of accessibility in music.