Firmware Update 1.1

The pristine quality AudioFuse Audio Interface, with a host of connectivity possibilities and considered workflow, has now even more functionality and improvements than before.

New Driver for Improved Latency
Faster than ever before

The newly updated Arturia AudioFuse brings the superb 3ms latency of its Mac performance to Windows systems.

Windows users will find they can get even more out of their CPU, with the extra efficiency letting them use more tracks, more effects, and more virtual instruments in their DAWs.

This means, when recording your performance, there will be no noticeable delay between the transient of your note and when you hear it.

Sleep Mode
Power down when you need a break

We’re all used to switching things off after a long day in the studio, or at least putting them on standby mode to keep the electricity bills down. With the firmware 1.1 update, you can power down the AudioFuse with a long press on the (A) button on the top left.

A single press will now switch on the unit, ready for another creative session. A very useful feature for any studio or live musician.

Connect without needing external power

When the hub is powered only via USB, small devices like dongles and USB memory sticks will be read. This is particularly useful when doing remote recording sessions with a DAW or plugins that require a dongle.

For devices that require power over USB we still recommend using the included power supply.

Other Improvements
Further developments for a perfect experience

Improved visual display of the LEDs are now steady, meaning the intermittent flickering of before is now a constant glow, for accurate readings.

How to update my AudioFuse?

Updating your AudioFuse firmware requires your unit to be connected to a computer on which the latest Arturia AudioFuse Control Center (AFCC) is installed.

Download the AFCC
  1. Download and install the new AudioFuse Control Center (AFCC) software:
  2. Make sure your speakers and headphones are either unplugged or switched of.
  3. Connect your AudioFuse to your computer via USB. Do not use an intermediate USB hub.
  4. Launch the AFCC

Your computer is connected to the internet:

1. A pop up will spontaneously invite you to update your AudioFuse firmware.

2. After clicking on the OK button, the AFCC will automatically download and apply the new firmware

Your computer is not connected to the internet:

1. First download the latest firmware file right here

2. On the AFCC, click on the AudioFuse button in the top-left corner to display the main menu.

3. Click on the Firmware button. In the box that appears, click on the Upgrade from File button and select the firmware file.

4. The AFCC will then apply the new firmware.

After few seconds your AudioFuse will reboot to finalize the update process.

You now have all you need to start using your fully updated AudioFuse.