By using our vintage hardware recreation knowledge, we’ve provided plugins that will fit perfectly into any professional or home studio. 3 Preamps You’ll Actually Use and 3 Filters You’ll Actually Use are designed to be your go-to plugins.

Our aim was to create the best sounding preamps and filters, with additional features yet staying true to the originals. With a plethora of plugins available, we’ve chosen the classics that are the solution to finding that ‘secret sound.’ Be creative, be inspired.

Anyone working with electronic music will appreciate their ability to create filter patterns - pulsing and rhythmic sweeps and even ducking effects - and left static they are a great way to shape any sound, even in more conventional styles of production. See if, like me, you agree these really are filters that you will actually use.

Ask Audio

The new arturia filters are great new additions, they add more sound design and creation opportunities.

Synth Anatomy

Mmm that resonance though!! Feels very analog
The M-12 filter is an ergonomic dream
The Mini-V filter is very capabe of creating interesting paterns, with an ulta smooth and warm quality

Alex Boulos

I really encourage you to use these filters


I've been looking for this vintage vibe for years, and finally it is there! Thank you Arturia!


The Arturia filters and preamps are definitely useful for all types of music genres

Justin Omoi

The ease of use of the preamps is incredible

Tristan Klein

Arturia's preamp plugins will give you a professional sound without spending thousands of dollars on hardware.

Eric Kauffman